Language in Combination with Other Abilities

Thinking about how changes in other areas, particularly in cognition, may impact a person is important because when we consider language in combination with cognition, dementia may affect their abilities in many ways. Some cognitive changes can affect a person?s ability to understand and express themself. In a program a participant may:

  • Need more time to process information, and/or more time to respond
  • Not follow along, or not speak as much when there are distractions (visual, sound, or internal thoughts)
  • Have difficulty finding the words they want
  • Not remember what has been said, or what they themselves wanted to say
  • Go off-topic when speaking
  • Sound disorganized, or line of thought is hard to follow
  • Have less awareness that their message may be hard for another person to follow
  • Have less social conversation (e.g., may interrupt, speak out of turn, speak over others)