Qu'est-ce que l'apprentissage partagé ?

Now that we?ve introduced the Artful Moments program, let?s talk about this project.  Over the years we have learned a lot through our work with participants in our programs, and we are eager to share our experiences to help other museums and galleries develop programs of their own.  This is Moments artistiques : apprentissage partagé.


Through the ?Shared Learning? website, the AGH strives to encourage and support other museums in their work to create programs for persons with dementia that are engaging, inclusive and meaningful.


By building knowledge of dementia and best practices of successful engagement into core programs, museums and galleries will become accessible, relevant and empowering for persons with dementia, cultivating wellbeing for all participants.


The AGH?s Moments artistiques program is one that is built on an understanding of our strengths ? our collections and exhibitions, our approach to programming and our audiences; this is combined with knowledge and experience with persons with dementia and the strategies we use to facilitate engagement and social connection.

Each gallery, museum, historic site or other cultural institution will come to this work with their own strengths and approached to programming.  By using Artful Moments: Shared Learning to guide your own program development, you will learn to adapt the work that you are already doing to suit the particular abilities and needs of this new audience.  Artful Moments is about adaptation, not invention!