Approach Matters Copy

Making meaningful connections with others is powerful. Every participant that you encounter brings with them interests, opinions, ideas, creativity, and a deep need to connect with others, and to be heard. They may have had experiences where the changes in their abilities have gotten in the way, but with a thoughtful and individualized approach by a skilled facilitator, they will have an engaging, positive experience. 

Approach is a skill to be practiced, and to be built using knowledge of the participant and careful observation. As you further develop these skills, you will see positive engagement blossom. At the AGH, Artful Moments has been one of the most meaningful projects we have created. We see the impact the program makes on participants and care partners, but also on the team. Together we have learned, we have taught each other, and the experience has pushed our abilities to new levels.

For the facilitators, their hard work will be very rewarding. They will see trust, and friendships develop with program participants and their families. They will see their subject matter in new ways, and this will in turn benefit other programs too.

Always remember:

  • Missteps are temporary (and inevitable) – if something doesn’t work, reflect, debrief, try something else
  • Approach is immensely flexible – don’t be afraid to change or abandon plans on the fly
  • Participation and communication go both ways – let the group lead, and follow them where they go
  • Embrace connection over content, process over product
  • Celebrate successes and have fun