Artful Moments - circular amarLucy
Two women discuss art in a gallery.

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(spoken as a facilitator)

Amar has a good time with us at the Gallery each week. He has lots of thoughts about the artwork, and laughs during moments of fun. We learned from his wife Iris that he is sometimes suspicious of facilitators ‘trying to sell him something’. He didn’t say anything during the program but shares his suspicions on the way home.

Originally, I asked jokingly which artwork the group members would like to take home, as a fun way of asking what work they liked most, but based on the feedback, I have now opted to be more direct, simply asking which one they liked most. Hopefully this avoided confusion for this participant and others.

(Spoken as a group leader)

Once a month I bring a group of people from the retirement home where I work to the Gallery. I am always really pleased to see how comfortable the staff are with my group. In the Gallery, the facilitator seems to stand in just the right place to keep everyone from getting too close to the art, even though one person often wants to touch the art. 

She just took it in stride when one of the people in the group pinched her, and reached out to hold her hand. She gently redirected this person without seeming bothered at all, and didn’t even pause in her talk. My group felt very comfortable, even though a few of the family members who came along were nervous about the trip before we got there.