Insight refers to the person being aware of their own abilities, actions and behaviours, and the impact they may have on others, and the environment. Insight is needed to evaluate a situation, engage in problem solving and receive feedback. When a person has poor insight, the feedback loop in the brain is faulty and the person may have a difficult time accepting or understanding the feedback. . 

During a museum tour, the participant may be unaware that they have said something offensive.  They may not understand why others are concerned about their safety or they may have difficulty accepting feedback from others.  This is important because as a facilitator, you will need to use your knowledge and judgement to choose when to intervene and when not to.  Is the situation unsafe? Offensive? Inappropriate? Do you need to redirect the conversation? Are the words and actions outside of social norms but will not cause harm?  We will discuss this more in Module Four: Approach.