Judgement & Problem Solving


Judgement is a process where options are considered, a conclusion is drawn, and a decision is made. In a gallery or museum the participant may make poor judgments, wanting to touch art objects in an exhibition. Another example would be deciding to leave the program alone before their ride arrives.

This is important because as a facilitator, safety of participants and of your museum objects is something to keep in mind. Be observant and have support available as needed. Be prepared with strategies to intervene when necessary.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is being able to adapt and think differently to unexpected situations. Insight, and judgement are two of the many parts of this process. The participant may have difficulty figuring out an alternative if the paint colour they want to use is not available or make poor decisions when solving a problem such as using a shirt to wipe spilled paint.

This is important because by observing your participants during a program, you will be able to see when a participant is having difficulties problem solving and can step in to assist.