Listen, Observe, Be Interested Copy

The interactions that take place in a program like Artful Moments are very personal, and specific. The tour or conversation is not about ensuring that you communicate a set of specific details or facts – it is not primarily about knowledge acquisition (though that can happen). We use art and museum objects as a tool to inspire conversations – memories, opinions, observations and creative storytelling.

As a facilitator, your approach must be grounded in paying attention to the participants. Listen to what they say, watch their non-verbal communications. Respond to the specific experience and ideas of each person in your group and build the experience as you go. Be sure you enjoy the experience yourself – as a museum or gallery educator, what could be more fun than spending time talking to people about the objects that you love?

Some participants may not be able to tell you with words if something is not working – if they do not understand, if they are having trouble communicating, or if they are uncomfortable or tired. By observing each person’s verbal and non-verbal communication (or lack of), physical and emotional state, and their comfort in participating, you will be able to adapt to suit their needs.