Model For Successful Engagement – The Approach Copy

As outlined in Module 1, the program framework, the Model for Successful Engagement, informs all aspects of program design, delivery, and ongoing evaluation. If one component is not strong, the framework crumbles, and the program is not as successful as it could be.

In Module 2, we focused on the participant and a strong understanding of their particular circumstances – the ‘who’. In this case, this means having a strong centre of knowledge about dementia.

In Module 3, we explored the environment – the ‘where’ – and the ways that our knowledge of dementia can affect our functioning within the museum and gallery spaces that we occupy. This module considers both the changes we can make to improve the environment and the ways that we can adapt our program to accommodate environmental conditions that we cannot change.

Here in Module 4, we focus on the ‘how’. The ways that you communicate, plan, and adapt your interactions with your participants will make or break your program. A successful approach will need to be nimble, individualized, and well informed by your knowledge of your participant, and it will be ever changing to suit the needs and circumstances of the moment.