Our Findings So Far

We are in the early days of collecting data, still navigating the implementation process. It will take some time before we can offer a formal assessment of this tool and of Artful Moments through that lens. We have begun testing its ease of use and the quality of data that we can gather and have had positive experiences so far.

Ease of Use – While generating personal goals and intentions is more difficult than completing a generic form, participants have been thoughtful in their answers, and have told us that with some support it is not too difficult for them. Most participants refer to the list we have generated for choices or to guide their own responses. It is important to give them time and support as needed, and we will test options that offer a higher level of support as needed (stickers).

Challenges – From our knowledge of dementia we know that for some participants, creating their own goal or intention for the session might be difficult. We have different levels of support in place to help. It is also important to plan for the time this tool will take and adjust your program schedules to allow the time needed. Further, analyzing the self-generated responses will take more time and reflection – our toolkit will offer some guidelines to help.

Artful Moments - A participant listens closely to the ideas of other group members.
A participant listens closely to the ideas of other group members.

With early observations, we were pleased with how well this tool worked – participants took time to think about what they liked about the program, and what they wanted to achieve. Not only did their responses fit well with our definition, but they also gave us important feedback that we used to adjust our program right away.

Over the coming year, we will invest in the time and reflection needed to assess Artful Moments using this new approach and will have results to share.