Pair Questions Copy

This strategy is useful for participants who have difficulty understanding or expressing their ideas, or as a way to build social connection in pairs. Essentially, you ask a question to both people at once. To use this strategy in a subtle and considerate way, address a question to both members of the pair, and ask them together to share their ideas, or ask the participant to tell their partner.. Friends and family know their partner well, and can quietly rephrase, explain or translate to another language what is being asked, and then support answering in the same way.

This strategy requires a careful touch, so that the friend or family member is supporting and encouraging their loved one to participate rather than simply speaking for them. If it does not work this way at first, try again until you get it right. If need be, find a moment to chat with the friend or family member to explain what you are trying to accomplish so that they can act more purposefully.

In other programs, you may be familiar with the technique called ‘Think Pair Share’, where two participants are given a question or challenge, and then have a few moments to discuss quietly themselves. Following that discussion, they share with the larger group. With subtle adjustments this can work well in your program.