Participant Story: Lydia and her mother Copy

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(spoken as a family member)

Every week I take my mom to the Gallery for an arts program. I worried at first, because her balance is not very good and she gets tired easily. Lately her hands have been shaky too – she said that she didn’t want to do the art, because hers would be ‘no good’. The Gallery is a large building and I was concerned she wouldn‘t be able to keep up. The facilitators, though, had thought of everything. When we went into the room with the art, there were chairs already set up for us, and when we moved to the other side of the room, there was another set of chairs ready too. The facilitator had planned a lovely talk about several paintings that were all in the same room. When we started a hands-on activity, the artist talked about the way that everyone made lines in their own way – straight, wavy, or even scribbled and that they were all great ways to have your own style. My mom felt better, knowing that she didn’t have to worry about her hands. They even had a special grip on her pencil to make it easier to hold. We had a great time and my mom wants to go back next week.