Planning & Organization


Planning allows us to manage tasks that need to be done now or in the future, by setting goals and then determining the steps needed to finish the task. Setting priorities and doing tasks in the right order are part of this process and are important every time a new plan is being made. In a program if paint is spilled, the participant may have difficulty formulating a plan to clean up. 

This is important because your own program organization – having a well thought out plan, carefully arranged spaces and materials and a streamlined process will provide a comfortable experience for participants where changes in their abilities will not hinder their participation.


Organization refers to the way a person keeps track of the information or materials needed to finish the task. During a program, the participant may have difficulty gathering art supplies from a common area, or their workspace may become very messy.

This is important because good planning and set-up on the part of the facilitator can help to ensure participants have what they need for their activity, and eliminate any excess items. During a program, facilitators can also help to reorganize a cluttered workspace if needed, like removing excess scrap paper or too many pencils.