Shared Research

For many of us, program research and evaluation happens on a small scale as we examine singular programs or those that have taken place over a short period of time. We use different methods and evaluation tools, and while we are able to uncover information and learning that is valuable to our own programs or museums from these studies, we are not always able to consider the bigger picture of the museum field through consistent data and sharing.

With the shift in our society, to become more inclusive, the need for research to support the inclusion of people living with dementia in meaningful ways is critical. By demonstrating that these types of programs are effective and promote wellbeing, support from administration as well as from the community are expected to increase community interest and support. We expect that there will be an increased interest in participating in such a program and opportunity for more financial supports to develop the program further. We strongly encourage you to join us.

Artful Moments - Laurie talks about a painter’s process and technique during a program.
Laurie talks about a painter’s process and technique during a program.

We are inviting you to use the tools we have outlined here to study your programs. See if your discoveries are similar to ours, or if there are differences that might move all of our work forward together. Please share your participant feedback, your measurements and your reporting with us, and with each other. If we all use the same tools and methods, our collated results will offer an incredible opportunity to analyze impact on a large scale.

Mat – is there a way to actively collect info? perhaps a submission link, or at least some data report templates in materials? or atleast and email link or something?

Laurie: Let’s chat about what you want to collect and then come up with options