Sharing Expertise

Artful Moments has been connecting with people living with dementia for nearly ten years.  We’ve tried different things and learned a lot.  It may seem that creating a new program for a new audience is a lot of work, especially if you are a smaller organization – and the truth is, IT IS.  But, there is also some good news! Along with Sharing Expertise, the next 3 slides will provide you with our key messages for success.

You don’t have to do it alone.

One of the most important factors in the success of Artful Moments is the reliance on sharing expertise, and the transfer of knowledge.  This program was born in partnership between art gallery knowledge and experience with partners who have expertise in dementia care.  We have always used a mutually supportive approach, ensuring positive experiences for everyone involved.  This approach encourages ongoing reflection, coaching, and responsive improvement.  And…sharing the success and the responsibility can only benefit the audience and the community.

In addition to specialized health care expertise, each community has many community supports to tap into.  Look to the service organizations, the care facilities, the support workers around you.

The field of gallery and museum education is a community, on a national scale.  Look to your colleagues, your peers, to institutions across the country and the world.  There are amazing programs happening, and inspiration and support is available with just an email.

Take some time to think about your own community and network.  Who are you already connected to that can help?  What services or organizations exist that you can connect with? (prompt sheet to list places and groups)