Stigma and Social Isolation Copy

The stigma or fear associated with a diagnosis or visible disability we know shrinks one’s social connections. One of the biggest health and social care challenges of the 21st century has been stated to be “social isolation and loneliness”. 

Persons with dementia have reported that their circle of friends shrinks once others learn of their diagnosis and that for many, stigma or fear further shrinks their social connectedness.  Caregivers are also at risk of social isolation due to the same fears, and because of the competing demands of caregiving, work and family.

To combat this, it is the job of all aspects of our communities to build opportunities for connection, support and engagement.  For us, Artful Moments is a step towards this.

To learn more about dementia and stigma, visit the Alzheimer’s Society by clicking the thumbnail below:

Thumbnail of the Alzhemiers Society Stigma against dementia web page