Welcome to Artful Moments: Shared Learning Copy

Welcome to Artful Moments: Shared Learning, an eLearning program, developed by the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

Artful Moments: Shared Learning is a resource built to support organizations in creating programs of their own for people living with dementia.  It is based on our own experiences and learning over time, presenting the key information and ideas that we have found most successful.

By joining us here, you’ve demonstrated an interest in developing a program within your organization for persons with dementia, similar to the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Artful Moments.

We’re excited to take you through our 6-module eLearning program and provide you with the knowledge required to implement your own person-centred program, filled with meaningful engagement and social connection for persons with dementia, using gallery and museum collections to inspire conversation, sharing, and creative pursuits.

By the end of this program, you will feel confident in applying knowledge of dementia and adaptive planning to your own collections, exhibitions and programs in a way that understands and supports each participant, using engagement to foster wellbeing.

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