What Do We Mean By Approach Copy

Approach refers to a way of doing or thinking about something – the way we communicate, facilitate, demonstrate, and plan. Because of the changes in abilities that a person with dementia may experience, an informed and responsive approach is essential to ensure participation, comfort, and engagement in the activities. Remembering the five areas of abilities affected by dementia – cognition, language, perception, moods/emotions, and physical abilities – will help you in your approach, and in troubleshooting experiences where difficulties may arise.

In Artful Moments, our approach incorporates knowledge of dementia to facilitate a positive and individualized experience for each participant. This supportive approach to communication and facilitation is designed to support and encourage confidence in:

  • Participation – how can we understand and support each participant’s ability to enjoy and contribute to the program
  • Understanding – what strategies can you can use to best communicate with the participants in a way that supports their cognition
  • Self-expression – what strategies you can use to support participants’ communication
  • Social Connection – how can we best support the connections between staff and participants, care partners and others

When your approach supports this combination, achieving engagement becomes possible.