Why is the Approach So Important? Copy

A thoughtful and responsive approach is the key to connecting with participants. Communicating with them in a variety of ways, offering responsive and individualized cues to support participation, and applying your knowledge of dementia in each step and interaction will ensure that each participant is supported and has an enjoyable experience.

To encourage and facilitate a positive experience and engagement, your approach should foster:

  • Independence – making it possible to participate without additional interventions as much as possible
  • Dignity – ensuring that participants, care partners and facilitators feel valued, confident and respected.
  • Social interaction – connections among program facilitators, participants, and care partners.
  • A sense of well-being – letting participants know that they are supported and safe, and in a place that provides an enjoyable experience.

These four ideas are essential throughout this program, and each module will present different ways to achieve these goals. Where Module 3: Understanding Environment focused on ways to either change or adapt your program setting to suit the needs and abilities of your participants, this module outlines the necessary skills that you will need to develop as a facilitator to lead a program that achieves engagement with each participant. The knowledge-informed approach allows you to fully support your participants in their participation, understanding, expression, and social connection.