You Can Do This!

Thank you so much for joining us in Artful Moments: Shared Learning. Creating this program has been a labour of love for all of us, and we are honoured that you have spent this time with us. You have completed the program, but the resources are here for you to return to, to continue building your ideas and troubleshooting any challenges that occur.

Every new program begins with an idea, and grows and improves with practice and reflection. It was this way for us – a spark of an idea born from a chance meeting. We dove in with lots of excitement, and lots of uncertainty about whether it would work. And it did, more than we could ever have imagined.

Having begun this program over ten years agoI can honestly say that my work with Artful Moments has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my career. What I have learned from my colleagues and participants has changed the way I think about art and museums. It has also changed the way I lead programs in every aspect of my work. I am honoured that you have chosen to spend this time with me, and so excited to share the program I love with you.

I had a wonderful team to teach me, to work with me, and to encourage creativity, and openness to new ways of working. Some things worked really well, and some did not, but every experience allowed me to learn and try again. But, just like you, I started at the beginning with lots to learn.

This curriculum provides all of the information you need to get started, and you can always come back to review sections as you go. Take small steps, and build on them. Find your own way to create the program that is right for you, your museum, and your participants.

It will be worth it.