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Module 1 References

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Program videos filmed in The Collection exhibition, 2022 installation, and The Bigger Picture.

Melanie Authier (Canadian, b. 1980)    Harlequin    2020
acrylic on canvas, Gift of the artist, 2021

Eugene Carriere (French, 1849-1906)    La Peinture (Painting)    c.1899
oil on canvas, The Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Collection, 2002

Lester Coloma (Canadian)    Masquerade    2021
acrylic on drywall, AGH lobby mural

Patterson Ewen (Canadian, 1925-2002)    Red Sea    1989 
acrylic and metal on gouged plywood, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Purchased with funds from the Alfred Wavell Peene and Susan Nottle Peene Memorial, the Walter and Duncan Gordon Charitable Foundation and the Volunteer Committee, 1990

Simon Frank (Canadian b. Scotland 1968)    View (After Johnston)     2016 
acrylic, oil stick, log-marking hammer on reclaimed plywood, Gift of the artist, 2022

Betty Goodwin (Canadian 1923-2008)    The cry   2000 
steel, oil stick, bronze and wire, Gift of Salah Bachir and Jacob Yerex, 2022

Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook    Frank Panabaker   1959 
bronze, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Gift of Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook, 1969

Rita Letendre (Canadian, 1928-2021)    Mirage    1958
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Marla Panko (Canadian, b.  1958)    Anthem (Barcode)    2020
linen, wool and hand-stitching on canvas, Gift of the Women’s Art Association of Hamilton, 2021

Marian Dale Scott (Canadian, 1906-1993)    Bud    c. 1939
oil on canvas, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Purchased with funds from the Esther Marshall Memorial Fund, the Volunteer Committee and the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, 2003

Christina Sealey (Canadian b. 1973)    Transitions 1 (Self-Portrait)    2001
oil on linen, Art Gallery of Hamilton ,Gift of the Women’s Art Association of Hamilton, 2020

Lorne James Toews     Hugh   1994
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Robert Whale (Canadian b. England 1805-1887)    View of Hamilton    1862
oil on canvas   

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Lisa Wohrle   Black Friars   1990
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Module 1: Artworks On View In Photos And Videos

Module 1 videos with Laurie filmed in the William Blair Bruce Memorial exhibition.

Module 1 videos with Tyler filmed in The Collection, 2022 installation.

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Module 6 References

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Artful Moments’ core value is the sharing of knowledge. This has been with us since the beginning. Together we have combined our skills, passions, and areas of expertise to develop a program that embraces the social and wellbeing potential of museums along with the rigour expected from museum programs.

 Artful Moments is guided by extensive knowledge and best practices in dementia care. We continue to learn from each other and collaborate on a program that we love. We are so pleased to share our experiences with you.

Introducing Learning Modules

Artful Moments - What is cognition – A woman looks at paintings in an art gallery.

Module 1: Dementia and Museums

Understand the philosophy and impact of Artful Moments, as well as how to use this website to develop your own program.

Artful Moments - A participant draws a self-portrait during a hands-on class.

Module 2: Understanding the Participant

Understand the impact of dementia on a person and how the changes in the brain that are caused by dementia can affect their participation in an Artful Moments-style program.

Artful Moments - A group of participants compare two paintings, Bud by Marion Dale Scott, 1939 and Transitions I (self portrait) by Christina Sealey, 2001.

Module 3: Understanding Environment

Learn how to apply your knowledge of dementia to create a program environment that maximizes the safety, accessibility, and comfort of your participants and facilitators in order to promote engagement and wellbeing.

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