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Artful Moments - A group of participants compare two paintings, Bud by Marion Dale Scott, 1939 and Transitions I (self portrait) by Christina Sealey, 2001.

Welcome to Artful Moments: Shared Learning Module 3: Understanding the Environment. Here we will look at the site where your programs will take place. Museum spaces offer unique opportunities as well as challenging restrictions to work with, and we will take both into consideration in this module.

The goal for this module is for you to learn how to apply your knowledge of dementia to create a program environment that maximizes the safety, accessibility, and comfort of your participants and facilitators in order to promote engagement and wellbeing.

By the end of Module 3 you will be able to:

  • Describe the environmental factors that can affect the experience of participants during your program
  • Assess your environment related to the safety, accessibility, and comfort of your participants and program facilitators
  • Describe changes you can make to improve the program environment for participants and staff
  • Describe strategies that you can implement to adapt to elements in your environment that cannot be changed

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