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Artful Moments - Two women discuss art in a gallery.

Welcome to Artful Moments: Shared Learning Module 6: Engagement & Wellbeing.  In this module we will bring together everything you have learned in this curriculum, to understand the outcome of a successful Artful Moments-style program. We will define key terms and discuss how to identify and improve each participant’s experience with you. The goal for this module is for you to understand what ‘engagement’ and ‘wellbeing’ mean within the context of museum programs. You will understand how to foster engagement by applying your understanding of dementia,  and the impact of environment, approach, and activity, thereby enhancing the participant’s wellbeing. 

By the end of this Module you will be able to:

  • Define engagement and wellbeing in the context of a museum program, particularly for people living with dementia.
  • Describe how the Model for Successful Engagement is essential to achieving engagement and improved wellbeing for participants.
  • Recognize engagement or disengagement. Implement strategies learned to maximize engagement.
  • Recognize indicators of improved wellbeing
  • Evaluate your program to measure engagement and wellbeing

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